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Timothy Hull

Building a successful business, getting back in shape, illustrating and publishing a book…These are just a few of the journeys I will share with you, as I design the life of my dreams…

Come inside and lets start an adventure together. I bet we will even have some fun along the way!


First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.


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Am I Happy?

Am I happy? This is a question that we may ask from time to time, but how often to we really dig deep into it. On the surface we may think..I am not happy today...I hate this job….or I wish I had more fun. However, most of us have that thought, then go on to numb...

Taking action

So here it is, the first official blog post... I have procrastinated for a week trying to come up with something epic to say..something that would wow everyone. But the thing can't force greatness, it comes over time and with a lot of failure. And being the...

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