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At first I struggled with what I should write about myself. Should I list all my skills and accomplishments? No, nobody wants to read an inflated “look at me” list. 

So here is what I think is important and what might help you decide if you want to follow me or not…

I have worked in health care the majority of my life. I have become know for my skill in this area. However, there has always been a deep urge to start my own business and be creative. I have even pushed past my comfort level at times and illustrated books, made logos, and websites for people. Each of these experiences gave me a little more confidence and a taste of the life that I wanted. 

So here I am in my 40’s embarking on a journey to design the life that I always wanted and never had the clarity or confidence to pursue. I am doing a lot of self exploration and making major life changes. Including exploring my talents in design, following my dream of building a business, and so much more.

This blog will be a mix of my journey to creating that business, sharing my art, life lessons, physical and mental improvement. It will be a crazy mix, but I think there will be nuggets of gold that you may like..I hope that you check it out and join me on this journey!


Visualize this thing that you want; see it, feel it, believe in it. Make it your mental blueprint and begin to build.

– Robert Collier

My Book

Love Your Light

The first book I ever illustrated. It has an amazing message about loving who you are and spreading love and light.

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