Am I happy?

This is a question that we may ask from time to time, but how often to we really dig deep into it. On the surface we may think..I am not happy today…I hate this job….or I wish I had more fun.

However, most of us have that thought, then go on to numb ourselves with TV, food, alcohol, or whatever our favorite vice is. We don’t take a deep dive into why we are not happy and we definitely don’t make a plan to change it like we should.

Lately my vice has been video games. I have known for a while that I am not happy with certain areas of my life. To the point that I have been feeling burnt out on life and just surviving each day. When I starting thinking about taking action I get even more overwhelmed and I escape to video games. There I have more control of that virtual world (or at least it feels that way). It’s easy to hide there for hours at a time.  

But is that really helping?

No of course not! It is actually keeping me from solving things, from changing the things I do have control over. Nothing will ever change unless I actually take action to change it. In fact, things will most likely get worse because I am not actively participating in life.

Ask Why

When things have you down and you are not as happy as you should be…Stop and ask yourself why. Some superficial answers might pop up at first, but I want you to really look deep for the underlying reason.

Maybe it’s not the job you hate, but it’s the fact that you are not truly doing what you were meant to do..

Maybe it’s not really lack of money, but the fact that you are spending all your money on products you don’t need to fill the loneliness you are feeling after a break up..


Whatever the true reason for your unhappiness…You have to spend time with yourself and discover what’s truly going on.

Take Action

It looks like a common theme in my writing is going to be taking action. But it is a theme that needs repeated as many times as possible. I know I need to keep hearing it, to remind myself not to hide, but to make change happen.

Once you figure out what is really causing your pain…You can then create a plan to change it.

If you are not in the career you should be, than start looking for jobs in the field that speaks to you. If you don’t know what that field is yet…Then start exploring different careers that seem interesting to you. Talk with people in those fields, shadow them for a day.

The more you take action…the more you explore….the more clear things will become and the more the universe will open doors for you.

Ask yourself…if nothing changes and I stay on this path, will I be any happier in 10 years?

If not then stop hiding and start making changes!